About Myself
I started singing before I started walking.  I started playing piano when I stretched up on my tip-toes to reach piano keys.  
Lucky moments: The spaceship I saw in CA when I was 14 yrs. old.  The eclipse of the sun through the Arc d’Triomph, Paris, with my true love by my side.  Surviving cancer. My trip to Africa.  Every day with Doug Katsaros.
Email: ComposerEM@aol.com
Facebook: Elise Morris
Dear to my heart
Autism: Treatments and research have saved countless children.  It is a modern epidemic which will impact the next generation heavily.
Civil Rights: Civil rights are human rights.  We are citizens of the world and have an obligation to be good stewards of the human race so that everyone can lead healthy full lives.
Quote: “Too squeamish for paradise”  L. Kanter
Family: My children and husband are the anchors which keep me real.
Places I Work: Greece, France, Switzerland, Mali, Germany, England, USA, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Burkina Faso.
Travel: Anywhere and everywhere.  I’m a tourist at heart.
Music and...
 Experiences are the heart of my work.  I have written songs for musical theater, dance scores and underscores for audio and video.  I draw from my travels throughout the world and the people I meet.  I have a life-long fascination with folk music from far-away places and I consider music as a found object from the aural world.  
As I mature as an artist, I am drawn more to the unexpected places music might take me, both physically and metaphorically.  At last, I am compiling my life’s work in a series of collections - from the early folk-jazz oriented songs to the later abstract work.  I continue to write in all modes and I am most complete when I have found resonance in my exploration of sound.